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Happy things

July 21, 2011

Roux is very prim and proper. He likes to sit in boxes and survey his domain.

Little just flops anywhere and everywhere.

10 things that make me happy:

  • My mom’s stories of angry haircuts.
  • Having the most gorgeous husband on the planet.
  • Receiving mail (physical, stamps-and-envelopes mail).
  • How annoyingly attached Roux is to me, because even though he can be overbearing, it’s so lovely to be loved by a cat.
  • Having friends.
  • My new Vera Wang orange jelly shoes that I got for super-cheap.
  • Washi tape.
  • Other people’s hopes and dreams. (Buy that house! Open that ramen shop! Just be yourself!)
  • Making green juices, and actually liking them.
  • My perfectly cozy home.
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    6 Discussion to this post
    1. Flavia says:

      lol. loved the first one. oh boy, i can relate!

    2. Crystal says:

      oh those shoes! fantastic.

    3. Those shoes are so great and so you!

    4. connie says:

      oop! Mail! I have been remiss my friend! I promise to get on that! And let me say that I love love love that font you have as your header. Fab.

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