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Lunch at my second home, aka necessary omega 3s

December 16, 2010

So I’ve been trying to get more Omega 3s in my diet. I know I could just pop a pill, but I hate pills, so I’m trying to fit in fatty fish twice a week (usually at lunch). This seemed like a good reason to visit FINO for lunch (they have salmon on the menu!).

This is my favorite view: the bar at FINO. I love sitting at the bar. If I have a choice, at any restaurant, really, I will sit at the bar or counter.

I had some fried anchovy-stuffed olives and sparkling water to start.

And then I had seared salmon with roasted peppers and a basil aioli.

Not a bad way to get in my essential fatty acids. 🙂

By the way, have you seen Refueled magazine? It’s really cool.

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  1. Wei-Wei says:

    I actually think that salmon is my favourite fish. (Fish, but not seafood. That would be scallops and shrimp.)

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