Hill Country Weekend

Hey guys! This weekend my mom and my sister drove over from West Texas to check out some hill country stuff. Justin drove me down to San Marcos on Friday night, and the three of us gals went to Wimberley and Fredericksburg on Saturday. Then Justin drove to Fredericksburg on Sunday morning to pick me up (he really is a sweetheart).

We went to Wimberley Market Days, shopped downtown Fredericksburg, and ate a LOT. We got the girly giggles, we talked, and we stayed up too late playing games. We had lots of fun.

I made a little video of our weekend. Now that I’ve made a few videos, here’s what I think:

  • I need to walk and move more slowly when I’m filming.
  • My little Zumi camera really only picks up my voice when I’m filming, and not much of what’s in front of the camera.
  • I’m thinking of using my DSLR for filming… while I love the vintage look of these videos, I want try it out with a clear image, too.
  • I love videos! ๐Ÿ™‚

Girls’ Hill Country Weekend from Crystal Esquivel on Vimeo.


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    • Aw, thanks! It’s quite loud… sometimes I bust out laughing and everyone turns around because it’s so LOUD. ๐Ÿ™‚

      My DSLR (Canon Rebel T1i) has a video option. I’ve never used it, so I’ll have to play with it and see how well it works.

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