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Imaginary Day

May 9, 2010

Today in my imagination,

I woke up from lovely dreams in a comfortable bed.

I had perfect bed-head.

I spent the morning in a Paris cafe, sipping coffee and reading a book.

I ate cupcakes for lunch.

I swam in the ocean all afternoon.

I ate cotton candy for dinner.

After dinner I rode the ferris wheel.

Then I went back to my snowy cabin for bed.

What did you dream about today?

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Discussion about this post
  1. ai says:

    Your dream is fabulous. Today I dream (or wish) that the boy who came into my life not too long ago and surprised me with his charming ways wouldn’t leave so soon, but he is leaving. Ugh.

    By the way, Crystal, I was in a generous mood last night and got you some of those hanger-shaped clips. So would you please give me your address via e-mail?

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