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late night dinner at karibu

February 3, 2010

Last weekend we had a late dinner at Karibu Ethiopian Restaurant. I don’t have much experience with Ethiopian food, but I liked what I tasted. We ordered three plates, and it was all brought out on one platter, family style, with a side of injera bread. No utensils were offered; I love that!

We had:

  • Kifto – beef tartare seasoned with herbal purified butter, mitmita, and cardamom, and topped with cottage (farmer’s cheese).  We ordered it rare, and while I’m usually fine with raw beef, I’m not so comfortable with raw ground beef. I tasted it, but didn’t risk any more than that.
  • Kay Misir Wot – red split lentils simmered in spicy sauce
  • Kik Alicha – yellow split peas simmered in an herb sauce
  • Difin Misir Wot – whole brown lentils blended with diced onions
  • Tikil Gomen – stewed cabbage, carrots, onions and tomatoes
  • Fosolia – sauteed string beans and carrots
  • Abesha Gomen – slow-cooked collard greens, peppers, ginger, garlic and onion

We scooped it all up with spongey injera bread. The bread wasn’t my favorite thing… I’m not a huge fan of sourdough breads, and this is definitely a sour bread. But I really enjoyed all the spiced lentils and vegetables. I’m ready to try Ethiopian again soon!

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