24 Diner, again

We had dinner again tonight at 24 Diner. We like that place.

Justin had the veggie po’boy. It was really tasty, and the vegetables were roasty-toasty, but it was almost impossible to eat without taking it apart and using a fork. Still, very good.

I decided on the Shepherds Pie, which was on the specials board. Yum.

It was filled with chunks of ground beef and lots of veggies, including fresh black-eyed peas, and was topped with their wonderful whipped potatoes. I cleaned my bowl, and it was not a small serving.

Justin had a cappuccino after dinner. Very grown-up and responsible.

I had a chocolate-peanut butter milkshake. Very decadent.

It’s seriously dangerous for our wallet to have 24 Diner so close to home. 🙂


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