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Tasting Austin: Zocalo Cafe Happy Hour

April 12, 2009

What a wonderful weekend! We didn’t have any plans at all, and it was fabulous. We’ve pretty much finished putting everything away in our little apartment, and now just need to find more artwork for the walls. And rugs. 

We spent the weekend listening to records on our brand new record player (which I bought with my birthday money – thanks moms and dads!), organizing, napping, reading, and talking. 

Today we tried out Zocalo Cafe’s happy hour, and we loved it. We ordered frozen sangria for me, which turned out to be really yummy, and the Loco Plate, which comes with chips and salsa. These were so good, though… the chips were freshly fried, and both salsas were warm and had great flavors.

The Loco Plate was awesome… queso, chicken flautas, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa verde, campechana, a vegetable empanada, and a pork empanada. The queso was my least favorite… it seems more like a slightly cheesy bechamel sauce than a real queso. Everything else was awesome.

We also had the tres leches cake… I thought it was good, and Justin loved it.

And finally, fresh churros with chocolate and cream. Churros and chocolate? Dreamy.

I ended the day with a nap on our patio, and Justin played some tennis. All in all, a great Easter weekend. 🙂

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2 Discussion to this post
  1. Sicilian says:

    Was a beautiful day in Texas. . . .Enjoy your blog.

  2. That looks so good! Jane and I have to go to Austin soon, we’ll have to try this. We love our Mexican food!!

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