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Happy Christmas

December 27, 2006

Christmas in Austin this year:

**Rainy days

**Stockings for me, Justin, and Roux with little goodies inside

**Baking mom’s sugar cookies and smothering them with frosting and sprinkles, a collaborative artistic effort 😉

**Cinnamon rolls and knitting on Christmas morning

**Wonderful gifts, including a gift card to Barnes & Noble (Oh, how I love books) and workout wear

**This fabulous book in the mail from my friend Connie…handmade and gorgeous…

and filled with her own tried-and-true handwritten recipes and photographs

**Missing my family like crazy

**Enjoying my home and the absence of stressful travel

**Love, and loss, and coping and friendship (thanks, guys)

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7 Discussion to this post
  1. Vidya says:

    Love your stockings. I hope you’re doing well. love you guys.

  2. connie says:

    glad you liked the book. i hope you get a chance to see your family soon.

  3. Sicilain says:

    Loved your stockings. It is hard to be away from family during the holidays. I do understand those feelings.

  4. Fat Fingers says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. I hope that your New Year will be as good.

  5. Liz says:

    That book from your friend Connie… well, she’s clearly a keeper. What a thoughtful, creative gift! Revel in those friendships- they brighten the season in a different way than family.

    Have a wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy 2007.


  6. Christiane says:

    Wow – I love that handmade book from Corinne. What a gorgeous idea!

    Have a very happy New Year!!!

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