My new adventure

Sorry for the blue not-so-great photo above, but I just had to post something before I exploded, and it’s the only picture I had. What you see before you is my new place of employment…or one of them anyway. I am now cooking and serving breakfast at two bed and breakfasts just a few minutes from our home! They are owned by one couple, Sylvia and Chris, who are extremely nice and fun to be around.

Today was my first day, and I helped make the almond crepes and migas, and set out the other breakfast items (fruit, yogurt, cereal, juice, etc.). After breakfast, I baked chocolate chip cookies and prepared vegetable quiches for tomorrow morning, and organized the kitchen a bit. (You know me, always organizing.) I have to say that the only thing disappointing about today was that my scrumptious chocolate chip cookies didn’t turn out so scrumptious…I’ll just have to get used to a new oven and new ingredients and tools.

Today I worked at the Star of Texas Inn, and tomorrow I’ll be cooking at the Austin Folk House. I’m so thrilled to have found this job, doing what I love doing, in a great kitchen with a great environment. It’s dreamy.

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  1. Congradulations! So, do you get to make any unique cool things? Will you be able to come up with a menu? Hmmm… bed & breakfast eh? “Hey Jo! Let’s call in sick this week!” 😉

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