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New York.

Hello, internets! We are home from New York City. I can’t even begin to describe it… it was fantastic.

I saw, felt, tasted, experienced, heard, and was touched by so many things, I feel like I could write a book about these past five days. And so I’ve decided to put together a scrapbook of sorts, full of ephemera and photos and moments and things.

I was so captivated by the city – so busy experiencing it – that my camera never left its case. I did snap some shots with my iPhone, and I think we captured a few videos, but for the most part, all of the memories are tucked away in my mind.

How can I really show you the people tucked away on a sidewalk in Chinatown, fixing shoes, cutting soles from rubber, while a well-dressed young woman sat nearby on a crate with one boot on and one boot off? How can I describe the excitement of seeing fresh whelks on ice in a Chinatown market, then pulling them out of their shells and dunking them in parsley butter at an oyster bar uptown? How can I capture the lone trumpet player in the subway, playing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” while we waited for the train, hand in hand, tired and happy and inspired? Or the taste of a perfectly pulled espresso mixed with ganache made from Mast Brothers chocolate and cinnamon? Or the man behind the counter who handed me my bagel, wished me a Merry Christmas, and gave me a wink? Or the accent of the woman at the cash register… “Nexta, pliz! Nexta!” Or the group of Asian senior citizens atop a Christmas float, all dressed as Santas, dancing and singing to Christmas tunes? Or the biting cold of 24 degrees F, and the warmth of a steaming bowl of ramen?

Oh, internets, New York was lovely. I can’t wait to tell you more about it, to journal about it (and about what we ate!), to put together a scrapbook, to put all my ideas into place. Cranberry-popcorn garlands and paper snowflakes, toasted marshmallow ice cream and jalapeño mignonette, handmade books and Nina Simone on vinyl. I want to remember it all.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too!

Day in my life

I loved this story in the Huffington Post that chronicled Sean Henry’s week. I decided to chronicle my day with a journal and my iPhone. Because I’m a nerd like that, and I love minutiae.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

8:45a – Force myself out of our warm, cozy bed. Shower, find clothing, do make up and hair. Justin has brewed coffee in the Chemex and washed the dishes. I eat a quick breakfast of coffee and toast. Out the door by 9:45.

French vanilla Silk creamer is the best.

10:00a - Meet with Kayo and Alex at Komé. Laugh about how I was just there for dinner last night. Talk about recipes, restaurant background, and Japanese culture. I decide to wait around for lunch service, so Kayo lends me a Japanese cooking magazine to peruse while I wait.

I wish I could read this.

11:00a – I enjoy the miso ramen and a lovely chat with my friend (and waiter) J. We agree that our favorite desserts are good old American desserts, and specifically Jodi’s desserts. We plot ways to get more of her desserts in our daily diet. Two elderly Japanese women sit at a table nearby, quietly giggling over hot tea and lunch.

Kayo says it’s okay to slurp!

11:30a – I receive a text letting me know that my noon meeting needs to be rescheduled, so I decide to run a few fun errands.

12:00p – Visit Half-Price books, looking for a specific book for a friend. Miraculously, I find it (!), plus a few books and old magazines for myself. I plan to peruse the magazines, then cut them up for my journal.

1:00p – Decide to visit Goodwill, since it’s right next door. Score two lovely plates and a coffee cup, all for under $2.50. Do a happy jig. The cashier randomly asks me if my husband smokes; when I say no, she says I am very lucky.

2:00p – Refuel at Starbucks. I got my usual iced tall soy mocha, but forgot to specify only one pump of chocolate, so it’s super-sweet. Don’t worry, I still drank it all.

2:10p – Stop at Central Market for ingredients for tonight’s soup, plus a few goodies for a faraway friend. Decide I really need a packet of Cyprus flake salt. You know, just in case.

3:00p – Home! I get to work contacting chefs and PR firms, organizing recipes and interviews, setting up new appointments, and other such book-work. I snack on Goldfish crackers, because my life is not complete without Goldfish crackers.

5:10p – Take a break from work to do some writing for a side project. I love writing. Most of the time.

5:30p – Justin gets home, and we talk about the day. He’s brought wine, gin, and elderflower liqueur. We ooh and aah over my thrift and book store finds as well as the day’s mail, which includes a new Comm Arts and a vintage book.

Lovely plates and the first of my pyrex mug collection.

5:55p – I start making dinner – hominy, chile and tomato soup. I toast cumin seeds and grind them in a mortar and pestle. Chop onions and garlic and chiles. Stir and simmer and cook. As the soup cooks, I make simple syrup for the fridge, then test a cocktail recipe for the book. It’s a bit sweet, but it’s still very tasty. It passes the test.

6:40p - Back to the computer and writing while the soup simmers. Justin snacks on an oatmeal-chocolate chip cookie. The kittehs roam around, bored. I check Facebook and Twitter. (Hi peeps!)

7:00p - Dinner! Discussions include: The difference between lunchtime basketball at the YMCA and high school basketball; people who are hard to read; the fact that we now use our toaster oven instead of our cast-iron skillet to heat up tortillas, and how sad our skillet must feel; random cute things that the kittehs have done recently; my realization that I need a cup of coffee in the morning and then again at lunch to stay alert, then later will need a cup of Sleepytime tea to get to sleep, and how maybe that means I have sleep issues.

Soup and lime and avocado and tortilla.

7:50p – Justin cleans up after dinner (I cook, he cleans). Then he and Roux play the smelling game. He brings random things to Roux, and Roux smells them. That’s it. (We are old and easily amused.) Tonight Roux is not interested in simple syrup or wooden tongs. He squenches his eyes at a lime wedge. When Justin lets him smell a cookie, he swipes at it, then stands on two legs to try to reach it. Roux loooooooves sweets. One time I left muffins cooling on the counter while we went out, and when we came back, there was one on the floor with the top eaten off it. Roux.

8:00p – Catch up on blogs and Pinterest. Highlights:

9:00p – Research/prep for tomorrow’s meetings.

9:30p – Crosswords, magazines, chat.

Jai alai – a clue that’s in sooooo many crosswords.

10:20p - Tea, magazine, and oatmeal chocolate-chip cookie. I let Justin smell/taste my Sleepytime Vanilla tea, and he says, “it smells like you, drinking tea while putting on vanilla lotion.” I’m not sure if I’ve ever really done this.

11:00p – Everyone is winding down, except Justin. He goes downstairs to work, because when creativity calls, he answers. I blog, then head to bed with my copy of Moby Dick, my phone (for playing Tap N’ Pop), two kittehs, and my journal.

No legs!

Good night, everyone!


Matt Shook from JuiceLand introduced me to Yerba Mate. I drank it iced, and it was quite lovely, and I swear I was more energetic today. :)

I made brunch – an omelet stuffed with zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic and parmesan, plus toasted baguette and jams.

We spent the day overhauling the kitchen – we removed the cabinet doors, installed new lighting, and re-organized everything. I’ll post some photos soon. So at about 11pm, when we were tired and hungry, we walked to 24 Diner for dinner.

I had the stuffed chard – it was so good! Salad of arugula, cucumber, wheat berries and tomato, plus swiss chard stuffed with rice and veggies, then topped with a yogurt sauce.

I’m exhausted, and it’s 4am. Sunday is going to be a challenge, I think.

Today’s soundtrack: Hey DJ. :)


I shall preface this by saying that I have been impatiently waiting for Komé to open since I first heard stirrings of it months ago. It’s a new Japanese restaurant serving izakaya and sushi at night and ramen, udon, and donburi dishes by day. I LOVE it. To give you an idea of how much I LOVE it, we had dinner there two nights in a row, and lunch there a few days after. People. It’s the bomb.

I took my camera with me to our first dinner with E. and N. – it was dark in there and I was too hungry to mess with my camera settings too much, so these aren’t the greatest photos, but you get the gist.

Left:  a nightly special – octopus and fresh wasabi with egg yolk

Right: Komé salad with daikon, baby anchovy, crushed nuts, rice flakes, sesame dressing

Left: Ankimo (steamed monkfish liver)

Right: Suzuki Kimchi (kimchi pickled sea bass)

Agé dashi tofu

Nigiri – mackerel, horse mackerel, salmon belly, yellowtail

Ika-yaki (whole grilled squid with grated ginger)

Top: more nigiri – unagi, scallop, anago

Bottom: Yakitori-set (grilled chicken tare, sasami-ume, gizard shio on skewers)

Onigiri with pickles

Nightly special – clams and yummy things

Tonpei-yaki (grilled pork and cabbage with egg)

Our second night there (just Justin and me), we had more onigiri, gyoza, tori-teba Nagoya-style (sweet-soy fried chicken wings), Komé-viche with sea bream, plus more nigiri – anago, salmon belly, bonito with monkfish liver, mackerel and flounder.

And THEN we went back for lunch (I forgot my camera, so these were taken with my iPhone). We had more nigiri (I just can’t get enough of the monkfish liver/bonito combo, plus salmon and eel), miso ramen with ground pork and such chewy lovely noodles, and katsu don (fried pork and egg over rice). So, so good.

I’m a little worried that I’ll spend my last penny here. :)

Making a sazerac

The sazerac is my current favorite cocktail. I often order it when we go out to a cocktail bar, but I also like making them at home. For some reason, Justin loves my sazeracs – just for fun, he filmed me while I was making one for him one night.

I’m definitely a home-bartender – I’m still working on my lemon peel skills!


About one roll of film ago, I somehow didn’t figure out that the battery in my Yashica had died. So things weren’t working and I couldn’t figure out why, and the roll of film was in there and so I tried to get it out, and in doing so, I ripped all of the perforations on the edge and some of the film. I took it in to attempt to develop it, and it worked! This is the only photo that ended up torn, and it turns out it’s my favorite photo of all. You just can’t photoshop a lovely effect like a torn bowl of cherries. :)

*   *   *   *   *   *    *   *   *

Stuff keeps changing.

  • Last night I upgraded all my iPhone apps, and this morning, I realized that the new version of Instagram made my heart hurt. Granted, you can remove borders and get high-res photos. You can view filters immediately and all that jazz. But! I could not get a good focused photo to save my life, and all of the filters had changed somewhat. My favorite filters were now funky and hazy and gross. I was so upset! Thankfully, I had not synced my phone to my computer yet with the new Instagram version, so I deleted it from my phone and reloaded the old version.
  • I don’t check Facebook that often, just every now and then. I noticed they’ve changed it again, with top stories and friend feeds and such. I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I thought this was pretty funny.
  • There’s a ginormous blue arrow on my google homepage. I dunno if Google Plus is something I want to sign up for, but there it is, big and blue and annoying.
  • Restaurants keep closing. Boo.
  • I’m old and so change is hard. ;)

*   *   *   *   *   *    *   *   *

I made onigiri! I read Ai’s blog every day, and always loved the many ways she eats onigiri. I marched myself up to Asahi Imports and spoke with the owner, who helped me find everything I needed. And so I made some stuffed with salted flaked salmon, and some stuffed with roasted chicken that I mixed with sesame oil and shoyu. I seriously think this is going to be a weekly thing – I can stuff anything in there! Tofu! Sauteed veggies! Leftovers! I love it.

*   *   *   *   *   *    *   *   *

I changed my inspiration boards again. This map came from a recent Frankie magazine. It’s really helpful for figuring out where in the world Rachel & Logan are.

Just a few pretty things. That little fox has become a permanent fixture on my inspiration boards. I love him so much!

*   *   *   *   *   *    *   *   *

Happy Thursday, everyone!