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Happiness is a Saturday morning, music playing, the sounds of my love chopping vegetables and humming from the kitchen.

Veggie Tuesday

Today’s Farmhouse Delivery was so lovely to see. We’ve been eating out quite a bit, and haven’t had many veggies in the house, so all these greens look so dang delicious. Sadly, some of our order didn’t arrive, and so we’re still waiting on butter, eggs, sauerkraut and hemp seeds.



Roux wanted some greens, too.


An afternoon of cooking produced roasted beets, sautéed kale and beet greens, cooked broccoli, carrots, and sugar snap peas, washed lettuce, and a jar of beet stems pickling away. Still to do: use up a head of cabbage, a bunch of cilantro, and a bunch of green onions.


I’m thinking of stuffed cabbage leaves and a slaw, a scallion sauce, and salsa. Maybe tomorrow.

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Bits and bites

Dinner when you don’t have many groceries in the house: grilled cheese and tomato soup. And seriously? We need to have this more often, because it’s delicious.


Daytime snack: frozen banana-peanut butter-almond milk smoothie. Kinda perfect.


This weekend I organized our books by color, because I’m nerdy like that. I also did laundry, and trash, and recycling, and swept, and mopped, and washed dishes. And still, there is so much to do. Moving seems to never end somehow. It’s hard to believe that some day, we’ll actually be DONE moving. Until then, I’m making wish lists of shelves and recycling bins and laundry hampers and plates and silverware. It’s been so nice to get rid of old things that no longer brought us use or joy, but some of those need to be replaced. That means I just HAVE to go shopping at Anthropologie and Container Store this week. Darn. ;)


Other things:

Saveur redesigned the magazine. I don’t like it. Does this mean I’m old and afraid of change? Or that there’s too much white, too much lightness, no hierarchy, no draw to the words on the page? I’m going to vote for the latter.

Tonight I walked over to Jeffrey’s for dinner. It feels so decadent to sit there at that posh bar, sipping rosé and having beef tartare for dinner. At some point in my life, I want to feel completely comfortable doing that, as if I deserve it, as if a Sunday evening is reason enough to celebrate with a lovely dinner to myself.

Roux is enjoying the many windows in our new place. Lately the weather has been so lovely that I’ve opened every window, turned on the fans, and been completely comfortable. He’s still a bit spooked by people who pass by the window (even though they might flirt with him), but he’s learning. Little is doing well, too – she still hides/sleeps most of the day, but a couple of nights ago I saw her playing with her tiny puff (Erin, you had no idea how loved this little brown ball would be when you gave it to me), which seems to be a good sign that she’s settling in to our new place.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Today’s oatmeal: Dried cranberries, walnuts, banana, almond milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, inspired by Ingrid. I recently found this little gal on youtube, and I’m totally in love with her. She’s tiny and cute, with this youthful exuberance and makeup knowledge that is too much fun. I think most of her audience is made up of pre-teens, teens, and little old me.



The new place is starting to feel like it’s ours. Not everything has its place yet, but we know where we eat, where we sleep, where we work, and where the cats are. So all is good.

The first time I ever heard of a Reuben sandwich was during debate camp the summer before my senior year. We stayed in the dorms at Baylor University, and one evening we walked over to a diner for dinner with new friends. There was a red-headed guy (what was his name?) who was friendly and nerdy (weren’t we all, as debaters?), and he ordered a Reuben. He explained what it was to us, and we all wrinkled our noses at it. Now I love Reubens.

Today’s crossword clue: Hot sandwich on rye.