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This photo was taken in the spring, when it was cool enough to sit out on the patio and drink rum and read The Hobbit. Right now it’s 100 degrees out there, and the only way I’m sitting outside is if I’ve just jumped in the pool.

I always wonder why I’m still in Austin. I love so much about it – friends, a great apartment with a pool, a laid-back vibe, good food – but jeez, I hate the heat. I can look back through my blog archives and see over and over again this pining for scarves and pumpkins and snow and falling leaves. Is that something I can just visit each fall? Will we someday move back to the northeast, where there are tall, tall trees and rocky shores and turning leaves and that vast ocean? It’s a scary thought, but I still think about it most days. The other option is to win the lottery and live wherever we want whenever we want, with a good portion of the year in Paris. Yep, I think that’s the best option.

Making things


I’d like to say that I love smoothies. I mean, sometimes I do. I made this lovely little number a while back, with layers of mango, banana, and strawberry. And then I pretty much didn’t make one for months.

In other news, I’m feeling a bit creative again. It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt like being crafty or carrying my camera around. I have some ideas on things to start with – pulling out my film cameras, playing with some paper bits, maybe just sewing some napkins.

I think it’s because my days are so full now. I’ve been working so much lately, and after I finally pull away from the computer screen, I want to do something different, something not electronic, not connected to the world. Today I’m baking bread, and I might head to the studio for a bit to clean out my giant paper stash and just freakin’ do something with it. Although laying by the pool all day sounds pretty fantastic, too. I’ll report back. ;)

Letters #21


Dear Husband,

Today I was driving to the studio and I saw a guy on a scooter in front of me, and then I realized it was you, and then my heart got all fluttery. Thanks for still making my heart flutter after all these years. And thank you for scooping the litter box.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for making my birthday so much fun. I was a little freaked out about turning 37, because when I was little, 37 sounded so very old, and also when you were 37 you definitely shouldn’t have a blog or feel like a kid or sometimes wish you could be small and get tucked into bed. But I am 37, and I still do all those things, and so 37 isn’t so bad after all.

Dear Spring,

Thank you for coming slowly and smoothly, and for bringing sweet breezes and leaves on the trees and those weird purple flowers that smell like bad grape flavoring but that are still pretty. I hope you stay around a bit and don’t get bullied by the Austin summer that I know is right around the corner.

Dear Parking Enforcement Officer,

I’m sad that my parking sticker was expired by 10 minutes, and you left a parking ticket on my car. I was having so much fun eating cheddar cheese ice cream sandwiches and chicken skewers with my friends, and the temperature was just right, and we had to give goodbye hugs and promise to get together again soon, and that takes time, and so I was late. Please take those types of things into consideration for the next car you ticket.

Dear Dentist,

I’m so sorry I completely forgot about my appointment today, but I’m not really really sorry because although you’re nice, I hate pretty much everything about going to the dentist. See you soon.

10 years!

Photo on 3-7-15 at 10.53 PM #5

Somehow, this little blog is 10 years old today. Somehow, I’ve been writing and sharing in this space for 10 years. Off and on, food and life, writing and photos, videos and links – just me and this little space, for 10 FREAKIN’ YEARS.

This all makes me realize one thing: I’m old. ;)