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Firenze lunches and dinners

June 8, 2014

So because of our arrival mishaps, we weren’t able to eat, buy, or do as many things as we had planned in Firenze. We still had lots of great food, though.

After just a couple of travel days, we were craving some fresh veggies and fruit. Thankfully I had done mucho research, and we knew to head to lovelife for green juice and fruit cups. A perfect pick-me-up!


The wedding day was full of lovely food, too. We had a three (four?) hour lunch at a lovely restaurant (I can’t remember the name!) where the servers were so excited for the happy couple. There was bruschetta and perfect pasta, prosciutto and burrata, artichokes and steaks. Quite lovely.


After lunch, we wandered around the city with Aimee and Josh, and were lucky to stumble into Trattoria San Lorenzo for dinner. (Yes, we were still hungry after all that food. It’s Italy!)


We had carpaccio di manzo (beef) to start, then feasted on gnocchi gratinati, crepes alla Fiorentina, risotto alla pescatora and spaghetti San Lorenzo, full of fresh tomatoes and amazing olive oil. The waitstaff here would not let us leave without having limoncello and grappa (darn). If I could just have one bite of those crepes again… sigh.


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