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June 29, 2014

The guys at Little Red Door recommended that we stop in to Artisan, which was just a block or so from our apartment. We’re so glad they did, because it was wonderful!

We went for an early dinner at the bar, which was perfection. The bartender was so nice, and was British, like many of the bartenders we had met thus far.

Artisan didn’t have as many outdoor seats as other spots, but the few it did have were lovely. But then, it’s Paris, so.


We had such fantastic food and cocktails here. We started with an Ananas Express (Pineapples, ha!) and an Atomic Agave with mezcal for my love. We had jambon and artichaut. Delicious.


We had raw mackerel with fennel, cilantro, caramelized onion, and vinaigrette, and cheese and arugula and confiture.


We had tartare de canard and piece de thon rouge.


To seal the deal, we had a Creole Cocktail, which was pre-made and bottled in this tiny thing, labeled, chilled, and ready to pour into a glass. SO CUTE.


We heard that their brunch was also great, but we didn’t get to try it. Next time.

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