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8 years.


Today marks eight years of this little blog’s existence. It’s hard to believe that eight years has passed since I decided that I needed a spot to keep my thoughts, photos, and recipes, so that I could keep my family updated. And here I am, eight years older, eight years wiser, eight years different.

Thank you all for sticking with me – and I look forward to many more years of poco-cocoa!

4 Comments on "8 years."

  • Ariane says

    Interesting coincidence. I hadn’t realized that you started this blog the day after I started my new job (and new life, since I moved here from the Great White North) in Austin. I believe I started reading you a few months later.

    Thanks for your writing, your recipes, and for making me discover so many interesting restaurants around Austin throughout the years, Crystal!

    • Crystal says

      Wow, so cool! I’m so glad you’re here in Austin (and why haven’t we met yet?). :)

      Thank you so much for reading! It’s lovely to see your comments now and then.

  • Connie says

    Congratulations Crystal. Hard to believe, but amazing too! Here’s to a great journey!

    • Crystal says

      Thank you! I feel like yours is much older than mine. :)