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I’ve found quite a few things inspiring lately. My inspiration boards indicate that I am craving fish. And semolina pancakes with honey.

I am officially in love with Reggie Watts. Just listen to this little song and tell me you don’t adore him.

I haven’t watched the last season of Downton Abbey, even though I loved seasons one and two. I accidentally learned key plot points (from a British news site), so it didn’t seem as fun. But if you’ve seen season 3, you’ve GOT to check out “If Downton Abbey Took Place Entirely on Facebook.” (Spoilers, obviously.) I read every episode and could not stop laughing.

I read this article about junk food, which was really interesting.

I often wonder if a digital detox would be a good thing. I’ve done it before, and I occasionally delete social media apps from my phone or close accounts, because social media can be so overwhelming. Checking Facebook often leaves me feeling upset or annoyed, Twitter is overwhelming, Pinterest makes me feel like I’m greedy and not productive – but I still like being inspired by people. I’m still loving Instagram, anyway.

I always love Nam’s coverage of Pitti Uomo. Sometimes menswear is more inspiring to me than women’s.

I love watching the Oscars and gawking at celebrity gowns. This year, my favorite was worn by Robin Dearden. Sophisticated! Sexy! Fitted but loose! Pockets! Silver! Lace! Love.

This week has been a good one so far. I hope yours is, too!

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