Last week, from my iPhone:

pumpkin bread and hot chocolate :: sleeping kitteh :: friends’ birthday szechuan fish, after demolition

cortado :: pumpkin pistachio bread with honey butter and sea salt :: lunch reading

grilled cheese and tomato soup :: baby corn from the market, eaten raw :: juice snack

I’m still working on simplifying. I’ve been cooking most of our meals. I’ve been questioning random purchases. I’ve downsized my purse. I’ve let go of some worries. I’ve made a reasonable work schedule. Still to do: Pare down my closet and drawers. Someday.

  • Rachel, on buying a technology-free car when she was a teenager: “I was too punk rock for door locks.”
  • I read this and loved it. I finally watched this, which was so much fun, and this, which was pretty but meh.
  • I wrote an article for this website. I’ll let you know when it gets published!
  • Is everyone else in love with this video?

Song of the week: Organ Donor by Jeremy Messersmith

I hope you all have a great week!

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