Yesterday was our 12th anniversary. We’ve been married a dozen years! And still, he’s my favorite.

We celebrated with tons of food – dinner with a friend at Parkside, drinks with the guys at Fino, dinner at Fabi + Rosi, brunch at Foreign & Domestic, dinner at Justine’s. We even had drinks with our friend J., who got engaged on Friday! Lovely, lovely, lovely.

We also went to Violet Crown Cinema yesterday for the first time, to watch The Trip. The cinema was lovely, though I would only go again if I could sit in the middle. Justin’s neck was sore from looking sideways for so long, since we were sitting on one end. And I wouldn’t go there for a big action movie, because the sound was just so-so. But for indie films and foreign flicks, it’s perfect.

As for The Trip, it was funny, and sometimes a bit slow, but still good. I was surprised – I thought I would love the food aspect the most. I thought I would be inspired by it, and maybe even distracted by it. But in truth, the most interesting food bits to me were the burned pasta dish Rob’s wife makes him, and the English breakfast they have at the end of the trip.

Anyway, it was a great anniversary weekend, with my favorite man in the world. :)

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