Me and eggs and tomatoes

I kind of have a thing for eggs and tomatoes on the weekends. I might simmer cherry tomatoes in olive oil, then drop in a couple of eggs and let them poach in the liquid.

Or I might toast an English muffin and top it with tomatoes, cheese and fried eggs.

Today I’m thinking of toasting some whole wheat bread, smearing it with cream cheese, then adding tomatoes and fried eggs. It’s just a weekend thing, I guess.

13 thoughts on “Me and eggs and tomatoes

  1. Shelley

    I love eggs and tomatoes as well although I’m not quite as creative- I rarely do more than scramble the eggs and top it with a few tomato slices. I like it for dinner rather than breakfast- it’s my go-to meal when I’m feeling lazy. That English muffin with eggs, cheese, and tomatoes looks yummy! I’ll have to give it a try.

    1. Crystal Post author

      I tend to do fried eggs or poached eggs, because I love the runny yolks. Justin makes really good scrambled eggs, though, so if he’s cooking I’ll eat them scrambled (and usually without tomatoes, since he often fries potatoes to go with the eggs instead.) :)

  2. Tracy

    I found your blog through it will stop raining* and was tickled pink to find a fellow Austin-based follower. I’m looking forward to follow your blog!

  3. Wei-Wei

    Egg-in-a-bloody-hole: use a small frying pan, sauté cherry tomatoes in olive oil just until they’re a little tender, make a wreath, then break an egg into the center and put the lid on so the top can cook as well.

    I made that up just now :D I don’t know how you’d serve it though, considering if you slide it out onto a plate it’d be rather messy. Maybe a bed of rice? Or some omu-rice (omelette rice), which is usually cooked in chicken broth and seasoned with ketchup.

    Oh, dang I am hungry.

    1. Crystal Post author

      I like everything except for the name. Ew! :) I like the idea of that omu-rice though… so rice cooked in chicken broth, with scrambled egg added? And topped with ketchup?

      1. Wei-Wei

        Omu-rice is basically made by cooking the rice and putting it onto the plate packed tightly into a large dumpling shape, then wrapping it up into a big flat omelette. The rice is cooked in chicken broth with chunks of chicken, then ketchup is stirred into the rice. Then you wrap it up/cover it in the egg omelette, and yes, more ketchup is (optionally) put on top. Google it! It’s SO GOOD.

  4. designinbloom

    Have you ever tried shakshuka? It’s an Israeli dish, I think, of a tomato sauce base with poached eggs. One of our favorites is this recipe from
    The green chili is wonderful in it!

  5. designinbloom

    You’re welcome! So glad you think you will like it! The eggs get soooo creamy and delicious, I am getting hungry just thinking of it…and the feta…sigh.


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