Taco More

I’m not sure why this place is called Taco More. Is it a bad translation? Did they mean More Tacos? Or that each taco just gives you… more? Anyway, the restaurant itself is one of my new favorites. We had some friggin’ awesome food there. The next time I’m craving menudo or posole, I know exactly where I’m going.

A few photos:

Posole with tostadas, cilantro, and lime, plus chips and salsas and tacos. Mmm.

Tacos de cabrito and carnitas. Do you see that awesomeness? Seriously.

Sope with pork al pastor.

Sope with beef. And crema. And queso. And avocado.

This is consome de cabrito – goat soup with hominy. Crazygood.

I’m wondering if I can talk Justin into having posole for Sunday breakfast. :)

More photos on flickr.

10 thoughts on “Taco More

  1. Nicole

    Yes! I’m so glad you guys liked it! I’m betting you got all of that for like $15 too. We haven’t had any sopes, but we’ll have to try those next time.

  2. Wei-Wei

    Changing up your look? I like it. Though I really liked your minimalist monotone too… :D Maybe this is a sign you’re changing a little?

    What’s posole? It looks really really really awesome.

    1. Crystal Post author

      Thanks! I think so… I’m ready for some color, some life. Posole is a pork soup with hominy and red chile. You usually squeeze some fresh lime in it, and crumble some chips, and toss in some cilantro and maybe cabbage and radish. It’s super-yum.

    1. Crystal Post author

      Right? A lot of people eat menudo for breakfast on weekends, but I like the pork meat in the posole better than the tripe and pigs feet. :)

  3. Ariane

    Thanks so much for writing this post! I just got back from lunch at Taco More and the menudo was soooo good! There was even a marrow bone in the bowl, with plenty of soft tendon still attached to it. Yummy!

    Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon… ;)


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