Music Monday

So this morning, at some horrible hour, we got up and got everything ready to take Justin to the surgery center. We got there and checked in, and filled out paperwork, and waited for the nurse to come get us. She finally came, and said, “The doctor called in sick, so we have to reschedule your surgery for another date.” She was NOT my favorite person at that time. :(

So, no knee surgery for Justin today. It’s back to work for both of us, and another few weeks of waiting for a new appointment.

But it is Monday, and that means MUSIC! So here are a couple of my current favorites, using my handy dandy new media player. (Thanks, love!)

The Silver Seas – Best Things In Life

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

8 thoughts on “Music Monday

  1. Liz

    WHAAAAAT??? I have never heard of a doctor calling in sick and you just not having a surgery!!! That truly is NOT a great start to the week. Sorry, Justin!! :(


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