Music Monday

Hello, internets! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. On Friday we went to Perla’s for Justin’s birthday dinner, and he ate a bajillion oysters. Then we went to the Alamo to watch Master Pancake mock The Matrix, which was fun.

Saturday was kinda boring, and then on Sunday I went to Fortune Chinese for a dim sum class, which rocked. I tried chicken feet! I didn’t like them. ๐Ÿ™

So we’ve worked and worked on trying to embed mp3 files on my blog, but it’s just not happening. I have no idea what we’re doing wrong, but its so very frustrating! I may have to revert to monthly 8Tracks updates instead of weekly music posts, because searching for appropriate videos for my favorite songs is ANNOYING. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do, but for today, here are two videos of songs in my head.

This song got me through the last hour of writing on Sunday night:

Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger

I really couldn’t find a good video for this one, so just close your eyes and listen to the lovely song. ๐Ÿ™‚

AA Bondy – Vice Rag

Happy Monday, everyone!

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