Sunday lunch at Triumph Cafe

Lunch with Justin at Triumph:

Tofu spring rolls with peanut sauce. So, so good.

triumph spring roll

Justin’s favorite, vermicelli with curried tofu. So bright and flavorful, with crunchy greens hidden underneath.

triumph curry

My bowl of pho tai. This was just okay. The noodles were clumped together at the bottom of the bowl, and the broth just didn’t have the depth I wanted.

triumph pho

They do have great fried rice, though, and those curried vermicelli noodles are awesome.

4 thoughts on “Sunday lunch at Triumph Cafe

  1. Ariane

    If you’re craving pho, I’ve found that Pho Saigon (in the Chinatown strip mall on N. Lamar) is really good. If you’re just there and not craving pho, their beef stew with french bread is delicious. They also do good vermicelli bowls.

  2. Crystal Post author

    Ooooh, thanks, Ariane! Maybe I can talk Justin into ordering one and I can order the other, so I can try both. I’m putting Pho Saigon on my list! :)


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