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Pork with tomatillos, and the full-court press

May 26, 2009


So we made this a while back and I forgot to post it. It’s so very good, especially when pork tenderloin is on sale at Central Market for an unbelievably low price per pound. 🙂

You can find the recipe here.

Also, I read this article last night (in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep), and it was so good that I read again today with Justin. It’s essentially about using the full-court press in basketball. Now I don’t know much about basketball, because I never played it, but this article is so inspiring. It elaborates on how underdogs can win by playing by their own rules… not in a malicious way, but just acknowledging their weaknesses and extending a huge effort. Just as David triumphed over Goliath because he used a slingshot instead of a sword, as he “should” have done. I know I’m not explaining this correctly, so I do hope you have time to read the article, but…

How many things in life can we accomplish if we decide not to play by society’s rules and conventions? What if we didn’t know that in order to be an artist you have to spend years in art school? Or that in order to be a great writer you have to have read all classic literature and taken writing classes and such? Or that to be successful you have to make a lot of money and own a fancy car? Or that to be beautiful you have to look like a runway model? Or that to be happy you need to chase the American Dream? What if we just put a great amount of effort into something we wanted, and played by our own rules? Maybe by now I’d be an actress. Or a poet. Or a musician. Maybe I still can be those things.

I just love finding nuggets of inspiration like this. I’ve always believed that I can do anything I decide to do, whether that be going to med school or learning to sew, but I have also been hindered by society’s rules and preconceived notions about those things. What if I threw all that out the window and just did it? If I didn’t know what “good art” looks like? If I didn’t know what society’s definition of “success” is?

Sorry for the rambling today… I think my excitement over this and my thoughts are moving too quickly for me to put into words. Seriously, read the article. 🙂

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