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New Mexico

March 20, 2007

New Mexico was…

…lots of red and green chile.

…new music from my brother.

…adobe and sand and mountains and blue skies.

…turquoise and red amber and silver.

…smiles and giggles and memories.


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4 Discussion to this post
  1. Dad says:

    Hi there from Dallas this week,
    You guys look like you had a good time, although loooking a little tired. I am glad you all got together for a girl’s weekend out. (Well, mostly)…Take care, and we will have to try that again sometime…..Say hi to Eskie….Love, Dad

  2. Molly says:

    I haven’t checked in with you in awhile. Your family picture is beautiful and of course I love to hear your feelings about NM. I feel so much the same way. Since moving back here, I can hardly believe how beautiful it is. It’s a place that’s hard to take for granted. The beauty is so dramatic. I live right near old town and we walk there often.
    Also, we love lentils. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Crystal says:

    Thanks, guys…Molly, how wonderful to walk down to Old Town every now and then! It’s so cozy and beautiful…I miss it already.

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