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Good things, bad things

June 13, 2006

Good thing: Adorn magazine! Holy moly, this is a fun magazine. I just bought it (it hit the newsstands today), and I’ve already read it cover-to-cover…and I plan on re-reading it later today. Nearly every project looked like something I’d like to do, and of course every little handmade product was one I wanted to purchase. I’m definitely subscribing to this one…go look for it! Right now! Why are you still sitting there?!

Bad thing: I made this recipe for Asian Dumpling Soup last night…and unfortunately, my dumplings completely fell apart. I didn’t even cook them very long…I think they’d be better if they were just plopped frozen into the soup just before serving. Maybe it was the brand I bought, but my soup ended up looking like this:

Not a good thing. Any of you out there who know Justin at all know that he did NOT like this recipe. The soup itself tasted great, but soggy dumpling mass? Not so good. I’d consider making it again without the dumplings…I think even if they weren’t overcooked Justin wouldn’t like them. It’s a texture thing. The only dumpling-like thing he likes is Lindsay’s matzoh ball soup.

Yesterday I listened to an old Craftsanity podcast in which the host interviewed the ladies of Knitta Please, a fun knitting-graffiti group from Houston. Have you guys listened to Craftsanity yet? It’s so interesting to hear how all these crafty people got started, what inspired them, and how they work. I really liked the interview with Alicia Paulson…she’s so insightful. Anyway, the Knittas podcast has inspired me to knit an antenna cozy for my car. And maybe the cars of my friends. Be on the lookout, friends.

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7 Discussion to this post
  1. kickpleat says:

    ha! there are knitted antenna cozies on most of the cars in our neighbourhood! there are also knitted telephone pole cozies too! i’m thinking of knitting a cozy for the top tube of my bike, which will be practical as well as stylie!

  2. sally says:

    Oh, I’m glad to hear you liked Adorn. It’s on my magazine shopping list. =)

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi, I love your blog; think I found it through wardrobe refashion. Great recipes!

    Anyhow, those dumplings… You’re right, they shouldn’t be boiled first. 5-7 minutes at most is what you need too cook them. But the best dumplings are the one you make yourself. I have a recipe. that is the kind my mom and I used to make here, if you ever want to try making them. They have different dumpling texture, not so soggy or mushy at all.

  4. *karen says:

    I must de-lurk to say, “Don’t be so hard on yourself and your soup!” This is truly one of my favorite blogs and I’ve actually made some of the recipes you posted — the peanut sauce pasta comes to mind. Yum. Your food taste seems similar to mine. Plus there’s crafty stuff here too. A little of everything.

  5. LetiLeti says:

    I can’t even describe the vivid picture of eskie’s face that flashed in my head and the words that followed. He He HE HE!

  6. crystal says:

    I like the bike idea, kickpleat! And Sally, I think you’ll like this magazine…it’s just fun to look through. Jenny, thanks for the recipe! I might have to get up the nerve to try it out. Karen, so glad you’ve de-lurked! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the recipes. And Leti, his face was priceless. 🙂

  7. Vidya says:

    Did you find Adorn at BP? Their office is already closed, so I can’t subscribe today. Have to wait till Monday…

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