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Twenty Questions

April 13, 2006

Sorry, internets, for my absence from the computer. I’ve been sick all week, and have spent most of my time in bed. I’m feeling a bit better today, and I’m sure I’ll be feeling much better tomorrow, but I have no crafts or food or activities to post, as the bed is fairly boring.

So I’ve decided to entertain you with this little game of Twenty Questions, which I found through Bearette’s blog. Twenty questions, answered with photographs.

1. Who am I?

2. Who knows me best?

3. How old do I feel?

4. The most important thing in my life is…

5. I always carry…

6. Something I always do…

7. I’m at my happiest when…

8. On a Friday morning, you can find me…

9. My favorite mode of transportation is…

10. My eyes are…

11. My favorite material possession is…

12. To relax, I like to…

13. The city I live in is…

14. My worst habit is…

15. My guilty pleasure is…

16. When I look at someone, the first thing I see is…

17. What do I think is beautiful?

18. One thing I can live without is…

19. One thing people don’t know about me…

20. My life is…

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13 Discussion to this post
  1. bearette24 says:

    very nice! i love photo memes 🙂 i’m considering doing one of new york, if i ever get around to it.

  2. sally says:

    Oh I love this post! Pictures are really worth a thousand words!

  3. Alanna says:

    VERY nicely done —

  4. michelle says:

    I love you sis!

  5. blackbird says:

    YOU are just the cutest thing in the whole wide world.

  6. I love it. Have a nice easter!!!

  7. Dianka says:

    What a cute post! I hope you feel better =)


  8. Anonymous says:

    are those allergy pills? i’m sorry you are feeling under the weather…hope you feel better soon.

  9. Dad and mom says:

    Hi mija,
    Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Feeling ill is such a drag! Hope you have a wonderful day and a better weekend. Hugs and kisses to you and Eskie….Love mom and dad

  10. D says:

    Really really neat stuff — thanks for sharing. Your photos tell a fascinating story. Mind if I pick this up and use it as a future blog topic?

  11. Pearl says:

    Wow, what beautiful pictures for the meme. It’s such a visual treat. You make a gorgeous couple.

  12. crystal says:

    Thanks so much, everyone! I liked doing this one…I may have to do more photo memes in the future. Bearette, I’m looking forward to your NY meme! And I’m feeling much better today…thanks for all your well-wishes. D, feel free to use this on your blog…I swiped it from someone else’s, too!

  13. Jeanette says:

    Very lovely photos, you’re so cute! It’s great to place a face with a blog…lol

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