Crafty night

Last night I spent some time at my friend Shara’s place, knitting away. I’m working on a dishcloth…yes, ONE dishcloth. I don’t know how people can knit a few so easily…I’ve been working on this one forever! Anyway, it’s still not done, so you don’t get to see it.

Shara, Miss Nimble-Fingers, embroidered a cute shirt in the time it took me to knit 12 rows. It’s a beet! How cute is that?

This is Batman, Rob and Shara’s cat. He wasn’t too happy about posing for a photo.

Tomorrow’s my birthday. Twenty-eight years old. How is it that I keep getting older, and keep feeling younger? Except for the occasional grunt when getting up from a chair, or the new pudge I’ve found on my tummy and my butt (where did that come from?), I still feel like a kid. A wiser kid, though. I’ve figured out so much about myself in the past year, that I feel like I’m a completely new person.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m traveling to Dallas with Pam, the owner of Plume, to attend Market. From what I can tell, it’s a huge expo of fashion…clothes, shoes, jewelry…from tons of different designers. I’m packing my camera, so you’ll get a peep when I get back on Friday. Until then, enjoy my birthday, everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Have a wonderful birthday, and I think you will love Market. I have never been, but had relatives who went all the time. It will be a treasure trove of ideas for a crafty person like you.
    Enjoy your day, and remember that each year everything gets much better. Age is only a number girlie!

  2. Happy Birthday! Keep it up with teh knitting, it gets much faster and easier as you get better, I just started my knitting class and am doing cables it is super exiting but I feel the pain of learning something new to! Cant wait to see how the dishcloth comes out!

  3. Thanks everyone! It’s been so crazy here, but I promise I will post soon. The dishcloth is almost done! barbie2be, I think it was either Central Market or Whole Foods, or any grocery store in the boxed tea section, usually on the top shelf. And weezie, if you’re reading, I was able to bring home a menu from Zoot, which told me the basic names of the dishes, and the rest…well…what can I say? I love food! ๐Ÿ™‚

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