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Just what the doctor ordered.

May 19, 2005

Yesterday I used up the rest of my birthday gift certificate from Dr. Chocolate. I love this place. It’s bright and airy, with beautiful displays of every type of chocolate candy you can think of. One wall is lined with chocolate bars, both milk and dark, from cocoa-bean to caramel, blueberry to hazelnut. There are chocolate samplers and gift sets, and bags of chocolate bark studded with marshmallows, nuts, and graham crackers.

A truffle bar features beautifully sculpted confections with both exotic and traditional fillings. Next to the truffles sit chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate tortes, while the bar closest to the cash register boasts chocolate covered maraschino cherries, chocolate covered oreos, and tons of other chocolate-covered delights. And as if that weren’t enough, there are several flavors of ice cream, all with added chocolate swirls and chunks.

I browsed the store for a bit before settling on a bag of Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Bark (8 ounces, $8.60), two Dark Chocolate Caramel Bars (3 ounces, $3.25 each), a Small Sampler with assorted filled chocolates (4.5 ounces, $7.95), and a small cup of chocolate-mint ice cream ($2.45). The ice cream was perfectly minty, with rich dark chocolate flavor. I’ve sampled a bit of the rocky road bark (luscious), and we tried some of the assorted chocolates after dinner at Chad and Lindsay’s last night (all were scrumptious).

The amount of chocolate I bought yesterday should last me a while, but I know I’ll be back in that little chocolate shop soon enough.

Dr. Chocolate
1715 West 35th Street
Austin, TX 78703

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